On Oct. 29th Zion School District #6 held an event that sampled school food featured from Arbor Management on the menu to the community and showed them what school food service has to offer.  Some school food entrees that we highlighted are crispy chicken drumsticks with whole grain breading, savory Salisbury steak, nachos, whole grain breaded chicken nuggets, and double stuffed crust pizza.  Some sides we had available were honey chipotle sweet potatoes, chili lime sweet corn, and mashed potatoes.  We had great feedback from the parents, as they did not realize that the school food had tasted so good!  Families really enjoyed the food and encouraged their kids to try the food that they liked so much. 

We explained to parents that the products we get are not products you can buy at the store or get from a restaurant, we get products that are specifically formulated to meet the USDA guidelines for school food service.  So our products have less sodium and less fat, typical name brand cereal even has 25% less sugar which is not available at a grocery store! 

We also demonstrated the new way to get to the school Nutrislice menus through the app, which has many fun smart features, the Nutrislice menu can show you the nutrition information for any product on the menu, it also gives you allergens, pictures, what food group the food belongs to, and you can rate each food listed.  Not to mention the menu can be translated to any language you want with just 2 clicks!  The following is a brief video from the event.

Food Service Tasting Event