Congratulations to the Arbor Management team at Sycamore Community Unit School District #427 for winning October’s Illinois ‘Meal of the Month’ contest!
Lacey Lantz sent in this colorful entry on behalf of the Sycamore school nutrition program. Our panel loved the creative use of DOD fresh produce in the vegetable stromboli entree, served with a choice of fresh plums, strawberries, and even more veggies!

The speed-scratch stromboli uses “a premade dough that is part of our commodity dollars. All of the vegetables are from DOD. We clean them and then large-dice the zucchini, yellow squash, and red onion. Next we coat them with a small amount of light Italian dressing. The mixture is placed on a large sheet pan where we sprinkle the vegetables with Italian seasoning. The trick is to not overcook any of the vegetables. Before filling the stromboli, we add raw diced tomato to the vegetable mixture.” The stromboli is then finished off with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese before baking.

Even better? “The vegetable mixture can also be used as a vegetable choice on the serving line. It is also a great filling for vegetable lasagna.” We love ingredients and recipes that can be used in multiple ways!

Congratulations to the Arbor team at Sycamore CUSD #427!