Kathy Benoit (Plano CUSD #88 Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent & Board of Education) sent an email out that included the Arbor Management staff that stated the following:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work the past week to help us set a record this evening with over 750 boxes served to the children of the Plano community!  We know it wasn’t easy and that many of you worked overtime, outside of your work schedule, at different locations, and really hard to make this possible!  After all of the schools ran out of meals, everyone was directed to PH Miller and I understand there was a long line, but every family was served before the doors were closed for the night. Wow! If you wonder if your hard work is appreciated, check out this message from one of the many parents you touched…

This was truly an unbelievable team venture and you should all be thanked over and over for your dedication to keeping our children fed during this global pandemic.  During the Board meeting tonight, Mr. Baker told the Board about our record-setting meal service and the Board members were so pleased that we are meeting (and exceeding) this need in our community. Now, pat yourself on the back, rest up for a few minutes, because we get to do it all over again on Thursday!  🙂 Thank you again and I hope you know how awesome you are!!

Kathy  😊”

Note: There was a total of 10,696 total meals served! This was awesome to see and Arbor Management truly appreciates the recognition and support from the Plano School District!