We make eating right, easy

AMI representatives are available to meet with you for a no cost-no obligation consultation to discuss opportunities to improve and provide effective solutions to your food service program.

Your Needs

Food businesses face many technical challenges arising from regulatory and customer requirements as well as their own business strategies and objectives.

To develop improvement strategies alongside the day job can require additional support and expertise. We offer and deliver this in an intuitive and integrated manner to effectively reflect and support business priorities.

Your Employees

Your employees are very important not only to your school district, but also to your community.

AMI will work with your foodservice employees to teach them more efficient ways to improve and become more productive. This will be through our expert tools, recommendations, experience and training programs.

Most importantly, they would remain YOUR employees, which is comforting to many school districts.

Your Services

The AMI Foodservice Consulting Team has been carefully chosen to offer high quality and select services to our clients. The extensive skills and experience of our consultants enables us to offer industry recognised expertise across a wide range of subjects.

By listening to our clients and understanding their needs we offer custom packages where you can mix and match which services you would be looking for your school district’s needs.