Arbor Management, Inc. places emphasis on proper nutritional choices. The introduction of Arbor’s “a plus” Nutrition Program offers one of the most dynamic nutritional awareness programs available.

Arbor is committed to promoting the consumption of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables while reducing sodium and cholesterol and eliminating trans fats.

At Arbor Management, we take great pride in the high standards we adhere to for product quality. Product quality will never be compromised for a lower price. We are confident our standards are among the very highest in the industry.

Arbor Management features Plant-Based Vegetarian Entrees a growing trend in the industry.

As food and supplies generally represent the largest single cost category in a foodservice program, an effective procurement program is essential to bringing maximum value to our clients. Consistent quality, on-time delivery, and competitive prices are the standards upon which vendor selections are made. Arbor has established strict purchasing standards and has negotiated very favorable purchasing arrangements for food and supplies. Competitive bidding according to detailed written specifications is always used. National, regional, and local purveyors are given full consideration and are utilized whenever appropriate.

Quality foodservice begins with quality food products. Products are monitored throughout the distribution process to guarantee that quality standards are being met. Random product testing is conducted at the manufacturer, at the distributor level, and in the field.

Arbor Management is committed towards a ‘farm-to-table’ initiative for our clients.

In addition, we are including a local vendor that works with local farmers to provide many additional fresh, home grown ‘farm-to-table’ options.

Arbor will work with clients and the local vendors towards achieving any potential ‘farm-to-table’ goals that are desired

Arbor Management partnered with a local fruit farm for apples located in Eau Claire, MI. Arbor invested in a tree at the apple farm that will produce apples that was used for our client locations.

As a local Midwest based company, Arbor recognizes that locally grown products are very important for the surrounding economy as well as the nutritional benefits of apples themselves. We are very proud to share this partnership with our current and prospective clients.