K-12 Schools

Nutrition Education: A Targeted Focus

Arbor Management is proud to introduce our new signature lunch room concepts with a focus on nutrition. Arbor pairs flavorful, balanced nourishment with nutrition education for students to sprout, grow, and learn. Our age-focused nutrition education targets different grade levels to positively influence students.



Elementary students learn the basics of nutrition including: exploring the nutrients in our food, MyPlate, portion sizes, and healthy snacks. Cafeteria visits by our registered dietitians encourage young learners to have a positive outlook on healthy eating by selecting fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat, hormone-free dairy.


tree sprout

Middle school students discover how healthy foods help our body grow. “Fuel Your Body” presentations teach students how carbohydrates, fats, and proteins fuel our bodies, the truth about energy drinks, and fuel for athletes.


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High school students learn to answer the question, “How does healthy eating affect me?” The ME-Trition approach focuses on what high school students want to know. They receive answers to real life nutrition questions such as, “How much sugar is too much?”, “How do I read a nutrition label?”, and “How do I eat for a healthy weight?”