High School

Arbor Management is proud to introduce our signature menu concepts –

Choices Café – Taste Your Way to Health!

Each concept has been created to be easily customized to include your school’s colors, logo, or mascot.

Choices Café is a place for high school students to select from a multitude of choices. Learning to build a healthy diet is one part of the focus. All of our meals are created with students’ health in mind—even our home-style favorites are prepared with a healthy twist. Students can select a meal knowing they are consuming a nutritious, well-balanced meal. The variety offered in Choices Café encourages students to learn how to balance home-style favorites with lighter options throughout the week. Incorporating a variety of meals incorporates a variety of nutrients.

Choices Café is the way to increase participation and student interest in the flavors and possibilities of nutrition. Vegetarian options can be found in each concept to offer limitless opportunities.

Students can experience a variety of International cuisines from around the World as well as classic staples across the United States.

Hand-tossed, freshly baked pizzas, calzones, and various Italian-style dishes prepared each day from only the finest ingredients including fresh herbs, 100% pure cheeses, and fresh produce.

Taste the spirit and flavor of Latin influence with marinated meats, in-house fresh salsas, and fresh herbs with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Savor the hot off the grill specialty burgers and paninis, or grab a classic juicy beef burger, veggie burger, chicken, hot dog, or All-American barbeque.

Customize made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, and salads featuring premium meats, assorted cheeses, crisp local vegetable toppings, dressings and house vinaigrettes with fresh baked buns, pretzel rolls, sliced breads, and tortillas.

Fresh specialty salads with mouth-watering garden vegetables and superb dressings make for a popular nutritious meal option.

For the student on the go looking for a fresh, balanced meal, grab a wide assortment of freshly prepared meal packs, such as fresh hummus plates, protein power packs, as well as ready-to-eat prepackaged sandwiches, snacks, and fresh fruit.

Hydrate with a complete line of beverages including 100% pure fruit juices, plain and flavored waters, fat-free and low-fat plain and flavored milk, sports drinks, and coconut water.

Indulge in the occasional treat, such as freshly baked cookies, pastries, cake, or ice cream novelties.

The answer to high school students’ concerns regarding their bodies and nutrition is the ME-Trition concept. Me-Trition focuses on answering real life questions students have such as, “What is a vegetarian?”, “How much sugar do I need?”, “How do I eat for a clear complexion?”, and “Are carbohydrates bad for you?”

During school visits, our Registered Dietitians encourage students to ask nutrition-related questions. Handouts and flyers are created in response for all students to benefit.

Choices Café is not only a place for students to socialize with friends and enjoy a nutritious meal, but also a place to learn about health & wellness for lifelong health.