Middle School

Refuel and recharge in Food 4 Fuel. Active, growing students require vital nutrients to learn and perform at their best. Food 4 Fuel encourages students to make healthy meal choices from selected options while also encouraging students to stay active for a healthy lifestyle.

Health & wellness topics presented by our Registered Dietitians reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom, and are reiterated in Food 4 Fuel.

Fuel your body with healthy options to score higher on tests, have more energy, perform better in sports, have a stronger immune system, maintain a clear complexion, stronger hair, nails, bones and a healthy weight!

Fuel Your Body: Nutrition Makes a Difference


Body Image: Differences are Healthy


Carbohydrates, protein, and fat give our body energy, and vitamins and minerals help our body to grow and keep us healthy. Choosing healthy options provided in Food 4 Fuel will help to fuel your body with the right nutrients. The Arbor Management nutrition staff encourages middle school students to start branching out and try new items.